Welcome to the home of  Nurse Mona and Nurses 2 Rock Pub formerly Nurses Roc 2 Publishing.  I believe that it is an exciting time for a career in nursing. Thank you for stopping by the Pub!

Our vision at the Pub is to decrease the nursing shortage by providing student nurses tangible tools to become successful future nurses. Oftentimes students fail due to the lack of support, motivation and encouragement. The mission of Nurses 2 Rock Pub is to assist students to overcome those difficult challenges during their nursing journey.  If you are an individual contemplating a career in nursing, a current nursing student, someone seeking a career transition or have completed your studies then continue to search this Website.

You will find that Nurses 2 Rock Pub has many resources to push you towards success. I believe that you can be an accomplished nursing professional and Nurse Mona and the Nurses 2 Rock Pub staff would like to be a part of your success!

I look forward to blogging with you, answering your most intriguing questions, providing human resource guidance, speaking at your next engagement or supplying uplifting literature. Whatever your needs, Nurses 2 Rock Pub and Nurse Mona would like to be the ROC 2 assist you with turning your dream into a reality.

Best Wishes For A Successful Journey,

Mona Clayton, MSN, RN