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A motivational tool for nursing students, potential nursing students and individuals who never thought, in their wildest dreams, that they would be able to pursue or complete their nursing journey!



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“Very informative and inspirational. Reading the book motivated me to start my career in nursing. I am now enrolled in college and taking my prerequisites towards my degree as a registered nurse.”

Mercedes Oliva, Medical Assistant-Kaiser Permanente

“Inspiring and motivating.”

Aracely Castaneda Medical Assistant

“I gave the book to my sister who was afraid to finish nursing school. Reading the book gave my sister the courage to finish her career. Now my sister is taking her test for the LVN license.”

Arelia Vela, Medical Assistant

“A very advanced book for a first time author.”

Sarah Graves

“The book is very insightful and well written.”

Tom Graves, Editor of the Orange County Register

“An excellent resource for high school students.”

Dr. Diane White-Clayton

“The book inspired me to become more motivated.”

Virginia Mata, Medical Assistant

“This book is an excellent motivational book. Not only is it good for nursing students at all levels but also for those who are not sure what nursing is all about. It is easy to read and very informative. In fact, I recommend this book to my nursing students to use it as one of their survival skills during nursing program.”

Jenny Nguyen, RN, MSN, FNP-C

“It is a very good guide for those who are about to take the wonderful journey into the field of nursing.”

Lottie Perkins, R.N., M.H.A.

“From Student to Nurse is an excellent guide for students that need help with time management.”

Nancy Moore, RN

“I really enjoyed reading From Student To Nurse. Once I started reading, I could not put the book down. Every nursing student should have this book.”

Eunice Castillo, RN

“Wow!” “Just what I needed. Powerful and inspirational.”

Lisa-Nursing Student