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How to look your best when you are feeling your worst.

It’s been 20 plus years since nursing caught my attention, and one fact about nursing that is consistent is that being a nurse is extremely challenging—mentally, physically and spiritually. I thought I would reach out to my readers and share some of my pointers on how to implement self-care. If you are a nurse you know that countless hours are spent on healing others, but we rarely think about how to look our best when we are feeling our worst. For this week’s blog entry we will start with the physical aspect of keeping it together while working in a very challenging career. So let’s chat about the physical!

The physical aspect of being a nurse is extremely important from a patent’s perspective and the perception of our profession stems from how we appear to others. The stigma of nurses being sexy still exists, and “attractive” nurses are more likely to become promoted and recognized by patients as the “good” nurse. While it can be difficult to keep the glitz and glamour in a profession where we may be handling poop, urine, or other bodily fluids, we must maintain our physical persona. Here are some tips that help me to maintain physically.

1. Nourish your skin. Hydrate regularly and consistently with water infused with edibles such as cucumbers, strawberries, and lemons. Drinking this remedy helps to purify the body and remove waste and toxins from the body while promoting a radiant complexion. Try this concoction during your 12-hour shift instead of coffee, which is dehydrating to the body and full of caffeine.

2. Use your favorite products. My favorite products for skin care are Dickinson’s Witch Hazel to use as a toner/cleanser and my favorite tool that I won’t leave home without is the Mia Clarisonic Facial Wand.

3. Another product that keeps a healthy and radiant glow is natural aloe vera gel. This product works miracles on dry skin and is excellent for moisturizing and healing.

4. Use natural products (lemons, lemons, lemons). Lemons internally and externally are god’s miracle drug. From ridding dark spots on the skin to detoxification, lemons are everything to me! There are endless ways you can implement lemons into your self-care regime

5. Get your exercise. Exercise is the key to inner and outer beauty. Try doing some sort of exercise during the week. Nurses, you know why. There’s no explanation needed for this tip!

6. Get plenty of sleep. Do nurses ever sleep? I know with the 12-hour work shift (especially that night shift nurse) lack of sleep can reap havoc on anyone’s complexion. Make sleep a part of your priority because without proper rest you’ll never look your best.

7. Take care of your hands and feet. Since starting a career in nursing, I have noticed that my hands and feet suffer the most on my body. Having soft hands are comforting when shaking patients’ hands. Washing your hands constantly and using alcohol-based products can really make your hands look mature and damaged. Make getting a manicure and pedicure a priority in your budget. For keeping hands soft, mixing lotion with oils are a sure way to keep hands and feet from getting too dry and rough. My favorite product to use is Loccatine Almond Scrub and oil.

8. Keep that appointment with the salon. There is nothing better than seeing a nurse with a fresh haircut or well-maintained hair. If you are wearing the same style that you had when you started as a student nurse 20 years ago then it is time for a makeover. Don’t be scared to try a new color or style to enhance the beautiful you!

9. Keep those choppers fresh and white because a smile is worth millions to an ill patient. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda works wonders to keep teeth white and fresh. This is a must!

10. Beautify your brows. My last beauty tip for this week’s blog is that because eyes are the mirrors to the soul, great eyebrows only enhance them. Try keeping your eyebrows shaped and maintained; you’ll be surprised what a difference freshly arched eyebrows can make.

I can’t wait to share your feedback on helpful beauty tips on how to look your best when you are feeling your worst. Please visit my website or email Nurse Mona!

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The Chronicles of Nurse Mona In Situ

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The Chronicles of Nurse Mona In Situ

My passion for becoming a nurse became as a surprise to those closest to me including myself. A product of South Central Los Angeles, the idea of being a registered nurse was one of those unmentionable goals in life. “Why don’t you become a secretary?” “Secretaries make a decent living.” None of my school advisers suggested taking on this wonderful profession. Maybe because even in the back of their minds the thought of tackling a career as a nurse would be far fetched even for a teacher?


On a beautiful vacation to Nassau, Bahamas with my cousin Melody is where I discovered my destiny or shall I say my niche in life. Stumbling upon the idea while in the midst of eating a hamburger and my cousin whom had just passed the state board of nursing exam ordering the filet mignon. Maybe it was Melody’s giddiness and enthusiasm about the profession that peeked my curiosity or the emotional zeal that Melody displayed as she pushed her first gurney into the labor room to watch the delivery of my daughter.


January 19th and over 15 years ago my journey began as a nursing student. Although a bittersweet start I knew that the drive from the Los Angeles Divorce Court to the first day of the Nursing Program at Los Angeles Southwest College was no happenstance. My life’s transition on this day would later become an ordained experience that I would share with others on how to succeed in spite of all odds.


Many ask me why do I love being a nurse? There are of course many career paths to choose. But what I have found is the rarity of finding a profession that offers approximately sixty-eight specialties to choose! Yes, that’s correct a nursing license gives you the ability to choose a variety of positions at any given time in your life. Nothing can be better than having the choice of change! There are nurses that to be honest are in it for the quick dollar it affords. There is nothing wrong with having the luxury to provide for your family and to work endless amounts of overtime. But nursing is a career that the money will never be enough! My reward comes from seeing patients after admission heal from various illnesses and to witness the discharge home.


It was not until my mother was hospitalized and her room transitioned into a shared room and board that the significance of my profession became a true reality. I will always remember the compassion, care and understanding displayed by the nursing staff. Undoubtedly, many were extremely fatigued but the role of the nurse is so profound that even the days that we are most fatigued the energy to help others never diminishes. Being a registered nurse is not an easy task! Being a nurse means that you are skilled at multi-tasking and that your cognitive, psychological and emotional skills must be intact at all times. Being a nurse means that there is no room for error because of course you have someone’s life in your hands. Nurses are respected as being healers, problem solvers and great listeners. It is the nurse who encounters a day of critical thinking to save a life; and even when at the most busiest time will find a way to make a family member or patient feel better by doing small deeds like offering water or snacks.


Why Nursing? In my mind I often wonder why nursing? But at the end of the day nothing is more fulfilling than helping others to heal and succeed. Until me meet again I will leave you with a closing thought by the poet Maya Angelou, “As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”


“Today is a great day to be great!”-Mona Clayton, RN

Surviving the Journey with Nurse Mona

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“Today is a great day to be great!”—


Welcome and thank you for stopping by “Surviving the Journey” with Nurse Mona Blog! The purpose of this blog is to be the energy source for individuals that are passionate about pursing the nursing profession and to help you survive and ultimately thrive at every step of your nursing journey. Whether you are a current nursing student struggling to finish, high school student seeking a career path or an adult needing a “new lease on life” then this BLOG is for you!


I believe it is your time to discover the passion within you. Because you have stopped by the Nurse Mona blog, becoming a registered nurse is probably one of your life’s ambitions. So what is stopping you? Many obstacles were in my way when I started my journey over sixteen years ago but because of my passion for the art of nursing I overcame those challenges; and so can you!


I hope to create memorable dialogue, guide you through your most taxing challenges and be the energy source for inspiration.


Please blog in weekly with Nurse Mona and get the tools that you need to

Survive Your Journey-From Student to Nurse!!