Persistent, determined and dedicated are three words that describe Mona Clayton, MSN, RN.

Mona Clayton is proof that hard work, perseverance and determination will always deliver positive results. A Registered Nurse, Author and Entrepreneur, Ms. Clayton was born in South Central Los Angeles and knew at an early age that having a successful and fulfilling career was not only a goal, but also a necessity. Mona Clayton was determined to overcome any obstacles that stood in her way. Ms. Clayton attended John C. Fremont High School in Los Angeles. She attended the University of the Pacific’s school of pharmacy and continued her education at Compton Community College, where she earned a degree in Computer Science. She received her Associate of Science in nursing degree from Los Angeles Southwest College and her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from the University of Phoenix. Nurse Mona completed her Masters degree in Nursing Education at Grand Canyon University and will pursue the MBA degree at Pepperdine University in the near future.

While attending college, Mona Clayton worked at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital in Watts, California. Working with the physicians and nurses at the trauma center intrigued Ms. Clayton. In 1993 she entered the nursing program at Los Angeles Southwest College and set her sights on becoming a registered nurse. Within a few months of obtaining her nursing license, she was hired by Kaiser Permanente and began working in the Telemetry Unit. Several years later she joined the Los Angeles County Health Services Department, and was nominated as Nurse of the Year for the Southwest Ambulatory Health Center. Mona Clayton’s nursing background includes Labor and Delivery, Urgent Care, Intensive Care Unit, Medical-Surgical, Telephonic nursing, Travel Nursing and Ambulatory Care. On July 31, 2012, Ms. Clayton was presented a Special Commendation Award by the City of Inglewood for her dedication to serving the community and in April of 2014, the Certificate of Recognition from the City of Carson for the “Surviving the Journey” tour.  Nurse Mona was the recipient of the  “Super Phoenix” award nomination from the University of Phoenix and selected by the “Los Angeles Business Journal” as one of the “Healthcare Leadership Finalists” for 2016.

Being a single mother while completing the demanding nursing program proved that “Determination, persistence, and perseverance are crucial elements for any successful outcome,” states Ms. Clayton. “Becoming a registered nurse is my life’s greatest achievement but being a positive role model for my daughter has yielded the greatest reward.” She attributes her success to the encouragement and inspiration she received from others during her struggle.
In addition to having a successful career as a registered nurse, Mona Clayton has become a life-changing mentor helping to transform and encourage nursing students because of the “Surviving The Journey Seminar” Tour. Ms. Clayton founded “Nurses Roc 2 Publishing, Inc.” in 2007 to provide awareness about nursing as a career and to assist students in realizing their dreams of becoming nurses.The first offering from Nurses Roc 2 Publishing is From Student to Nurse: Surviving the Journey as Painlessly as Possible and it’s companion the “The Survival Journal.” Her book tour and “Surviving The Journey Seminar” began in January 2012 and has gained national momentum. The regional tour began in 2013 expanding to Northern California and promises to become a national tour in 2014.