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About N Roc 2
Nurses Roc 2 Publishing was founded in 2007 by Mona Clayton,MSN,RN who felt the need to energize the nursing profession. Oftentimes nurses are not viewed as professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers and other career choices. Nurses Roc 2 Publishing would like to change that perception. Many have asked, “Why the name Nurses Roc 2?” The facts are that Nurses Roc 2 (too)(also) and are professionals, leaders, and prominent decision makers in society. Nurses are not just bedpan handlers or work in hospitals. There are many faces to nursing and a career in nursing is lucrative, rewarding and definitely a profession.

It is a new day for nursing and the need for healthcare for everyone! Because of the future impact of the ‘President Obama Health Care Reform” and the increased need for Nurses, Ms. Clayton started a campaign to promote careers in nursing with a strong emphasis on attracting single mothers to pursue this wonderful vocation. The result is the “Surviving The Journey” Tour, which started in 2012. The purpose is to highlight seasoned professionals and to provide Mentorship for future Nurses.

Membership to the “Nurses Roc 2 Grow, Share, Inspire” Club is another way of connecting others to the world of nursing. Your membership will help to build scholarship funding, promote nursing as a career, encourage a nursing student and introduce innovative seminars to many communities.
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Student Retention is another focus at Nurses Roc 2 and our services are catered to assist students to overcome challenges that might be a hindrance to the success of anyone interested in nursing as a career.

Established on the theory that individuals who are encouraged will be motivated and successful, Nurses Roc 2 Publishing has an array of services to assist students to achieve their specific goals. With seminars, lectures, and book signing events expanding around the nation, Nurses Roc 2 Publishing is the mouthpiece for promoting a greater level of understanding about nursing and its many adventures. We look forward to serving you!


When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients.

Books- If you need to jumpstart your nursing career or want encouragement along the way, The “Survival Book Kit” is available to inspire you throughout your nursing journey.

Seminars- The “Surviving The Journey” Speaking Tour is in it’s second year of successfully encouraging and equipping future nurses in their career goals.

Motivational Speaking-Mona Clayton, RN is available to speak at your school, church or special function. Ms. Clayton has expertise in motivating, inspiring and encouraging her audience and is available for international and national speaking requests.

Human Resource Assistance- Our HR Consultant is available to assist individuals in need of resume writing, resume review and interview techniques to help you land that important gig!

Personal and Group Tutoring Assistance- Nurses Roc 2 Publishing is available to assist with your tutorial needs.